The RnP Vegan Food Growing project is currently working on the Vegan/ Plant based Nutrition calculator.
This will be a tool to help design any plant based food growing system to meet the nutritional needs of its users. The focus is on the special potential of low maintenance, perennial systems such as Forest Gardens and the nutrient dense harvests it provides. But we are looking at a wide range of plants that can be either foraged, grown in a forest garden, annual garden, or sourced commercially.
The tool will include the zones and forest garden layers that these plants can fill and also climate data.
The project is currently developing on two fronts. The first on the collection of data, especially hard to find nutritional data on unusual plants. Secondly on the technical front, with exploration of the front end style, coding and databases.
The final tool will then be available online and included in a lesson plan for RnP Permaculture Design Certificate design courses.