Below is a list of Community Building tools that have been collected from many places. They each serve different purposes or have different styles; all are very useful in the art of building and maintaining a flourishing functional community, and involve a commitment to personal development. They can be combined as is useful to meet the needs of your community and its members.
Training in these tools is part of the Community Building Experience courses. You can also follow the links for more in-depth information. 


Tool Description Link
Deep listening The art of listening  
Dragon dreaming How to make outrageously successful projects
Facilitation The art of facilitation  
Forming Storming Norming Performing Understanding human dynamics External Article on Mindtools
Forum Sharing and conflict resolution process developed by Zegg External article by Zegg
Founders syndrome How to avoid having a project dictator  
GROW Coaching Personal growth  Internal Article: GROW Coaching Process
Hero's journey Connect to the hero within you  Internal Article: Interpretations of Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey
Leadership What is true leadership  
NVC Non violent communication  
Prama How to bring balance into your life  
Rank Understand your power and how to avoid abusing your power  
Six thinking hats How to speak the same language in a meeting to avoid conflicts  
Sociocracy A total governance tool  
Theater of the oppressed Conflict resolution  
Thriving in community Tips for creating a successful project or community  
Work that reconnects How to channel your anger into positive work