On returning to the UK due to COVID travelling restrictions end of March 2020, Rakesh "Rootman Rak" was forced to quarantine for 2 weeks and so ate from the garden he designed for his parents in 2009. By mid April 2020 he started to collect information on what he was eating from the garden, which he coninued to do through to May the following year.

This table was the result of that 12 month data collection. He knows there are probably some things he missed, but this is the best he could collate.

N - None
P - Possible
S - Some (start or end)
A - Abundant
? - No data collected

Possible (P) is where it is likely to grow in a specific month, but due to particular circumstances it was not harvestable during this data collection period. Some (S) indicates when there is some available, meaning not abundent. This is typically at the start or end of the growing/fruiting season. In some cases there was no data collected which is indicated by a question mark (?).

It is sorted by which parts of the plant he was eating. There is also a summary of how many months of the year there was an abundance (this does not include when it is possible it could be abundant).