What is an A Frame

An A-frame is a simple device that allows us to measure if 2 points are the same height. It consists of an “A” shaped frame, with a weighted plumb line. It is most often used for implementing water management designs.


The A-Frame can be made from wood or metal or plastic 

Most commonly it is made from wood. Squared wood is maybe easiest to make, but we can adjust and make it from roundwood (i.e. straight hazel poles).

  • 2 x long pieces (between 1.5m to 2m in length)
  • 1 x shorter piece (roughly half the size of the 2 long pieces)
  • 1 x string roughly the same length as the long pieces
  • 1 x some kind of weight (can be a stone, keys, anything that is heavy enough to pull the string down and give us a straight vertical string line)
  • Something to tie the wood together, i.e. nails or string


A frame photos on goolge photos 

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