GROW Coaching Process


Choose a venue that guarantees privacy, and that does not constrain you or the client

G – Goals
R – Reality
O – Options
W – Will



What do you want to achieve?

What does success look like?

What would be a milestone on the way?

When do you want to achieve that by?

How will you know you have been successful?



What is happening now?

Who is involved?

When things are going badly on this issue, what happens to you?

What is the effect on others?

What have you tried so far?

What is holding you back from finding a way forward?

What is really going on?



What options do you have?

What else could you do?

If you had unlimited time/power/money what would you do?

Would you like another suggestion?

What are the benefits and costs of each?



Which option or options do you choose?

When precisely are you going to start and finish each step?

What could arise to hinder you?

What personal resistance do you have, if any, to taking these steps?

What will you do to reduce or remove these external and internal factors?

Who needs to know what your plans are?

What support do you need, from whom, and how will you get it?

What commitment, on a scale of 1-10, do you have to taking these agreed actions?

What prevents this from being a 10? What could you do to raise your commitment closer to a 10?